Daisy (formally Acadia) is our little lady selected specifically for her drive. We hope to reserve her puppies for families wanting to compete in sports or who live active lives. Daisy has drive, focus and intensity but also a very sweet and mellow side. She lives alongside her guardian, providing him with both anxiety and depression relief. She’s truly an amazing soul and we feel so blessed to have her apart of our program!

DOB: May 17, 2017


A Yogo Sapphire is a rare type of Sapphire only found from a single mine in the state of Montana. I have loved them dearly all my life and being a Montana girl myself, they’re very special to me! This dog is a granddaughter of Summit, who is and always will be, my “heart dog”. Only two dogs live permanently in our home. One is Summit and the other is Yogo. Her eyes are truly mesmerizing and make her name suit her even more! She is “Border Collie smart” and “Poodle joyful”. A truly pristine example of a well bred, quality Bordoodle and we love her very much! She is a standard F2b Blue Merle Bordoodle with an absolutely perfect coat!

D.O.B: March 8th 2019
OFA Hips: “Good”
OFA Elbows: “Good”
Pennhip Hips: “Clear”


Holly was born Christmas morning and it’s almost like something about the way that moment “feels” became a part of who she is. Holly is not only one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever met but has the sweetest, mellow temperament as well. She was almost born “an adult”. She plays and tosses her toys but has a loyalty and compassion for her humans that generally doesn’t develop until much later in a dog’s life. She will be a large Standard so we’re excited to meet the big snuggly bears she produces someday!

AKC Registration
OFA hips and elbows: Clear
DNA Panels


River is a gorgeous moyan (medium) sized AKC female Poodle. Her color is called “Phantom” which is a fancy poodle term for “tanpoint”.

River is smarter than smart! And as far as family loyalty goes, River takes the award. She is truly dedicated to her family and loves being with them at every opportunity. She also loves being carried around like a baby! She is bold, curious and loves adventure. Although she’s built small, she’s very strong & sturdy. We’re very excited to pair her with a gentle spirited dog in the future, to produce wonderfully balanced Bordoodles of the perfect size!

DOB: July 3,2018

AKC Registration
OFA Hip & Elbow: Good
PennHIP: Clear

Almond Joy

Almond Joy earned her name by not only her rich almond colored spots, but also because this girl just radiates joy! She seems to bless everyone she kisses and once you start petting these silky soft ears, you can’t stop! She’s going to be a moyan/medium sized Poodle which is wonderfully paired with one of our Border Collies for easy to manage mid-sized Bordoodles.

AKC Registration


Maizey is a Miniature F1 Bordoodle from Tundra & Rocky! After many incredible puppies between these two, we just had to keep one for ourselves! Maizey fit the bill in every way. Super consistent, balanced personality, lovely structure and a brain that is capable of most anything! Tundra will always be one of the best dog’s I’ve ever known and to continue her legacy through Maizey is an honor.

D.O.B: October 4th 2018



June is the lovely daughter of our Border Collie, Daisy, and our Miniature Poodle, Rocky! That makes her one awesome F1 Bordoodle! She will be a mid-sized dog and have a wavy coat. Full of gentleness and soft kisses, June absolutely melts my heart! I hadn’t expected to keep a puppy from this litter (yet) but what can I say? When perfection falls into your lap, you roll with it!

D.O.B: Jan 29th 2019

Sire’s Pedigree
Dam’s Pedigree


Clover is a standard sized F1 Bordoodle from our beloved Poodle, Muddi, and our handsome Border Collie named Dublin! She has her Mom’s hilarious quirks such as “leaning” against her human, finding happiness in anyone’s lap and tossing toys around the room to chase them down! We’re so glad to have kept her because Muddi was one of our first foundation dogs to continue her legacy is a dream of mine!

Dam Pedigree (coming soon)
Sire Pedigree


Teddy Bear or Bordoodle? We still aren’t sure! This rediculously adorable sweetheart is Aurora, an F1b Bordoodle. She was carefully selected from an outside breeder to help us continue the next step of the amazing Bordoodle breed. She has a prestigious pedigree from her excellent breeder out of Philadelphia. Aurora has the control and obedience of a dog far beyond her age. Her coat is very soft and those tight curls truly makes her one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever met! Intelligent, affectionate and adorable… we couldn’t have asked for more!

DOB 12/30/2017


Poppy is a gorgeous Small Standard AKC Poodle. She is what they call a “Moyan” meaning “medium sized”. She is beautifully built and has somehow accomplished an incredible balance of small stature, yet is strong and heavy boned. She has the greatest temperament! She learns fast and is good at being affectionate, but also content self soothing. She’s quite confident–and I am super excited to share the whelping box with her someday, because I anticipate her being an excellent mother and a confident whelper.

DOB March 30th 2018


This lovely girl is a chocolate and white AKC Standard Poodle. Her coat is magnificent with plush, tight curls and striking markings. Not only is this girl gorgeous but she is smart, smart, smart! She is honestly the easiest Poodle puppy I have ever raised because of her mellow soul and obedient heart. We were pleased that she passed all of her DNA testing with flying colors and are excited about what she brings to the program. Autumn spends her days on the Oregon Coast with a retired couple that are thrilled to be her Guardian Family. Because Autumn is so docile and easy to handle, the couple have found her to be the perfect companion for their age and lifestyle.


Lily, formerly Iris, is a witty girl that may be too clever for her own good! She can solve any puzzle we give her and learn a command in record time. She’s also keeping us on our toes as we practice staying one step ahead of her and keeping her mind busy. We’re enjoying her puppy markings right now, knowing they’ll likely fade almost completely leaving us with a flashy white girl with a hint of lemon here & there.

DOB May 15th 2018

AKC Registration


Tundra is a red and white Border Collie out of a Ranch in Montana. They focus on breeding elite dogs built tough for working, yet with tender souls and a very loyal nature. Tundra lives with our nephew and his family and loves to pass her days herding Labradors and playing with the 9 children she lives with. She is 20″ and 40lb. She is very intelligent, affectionate and not to mention, beautiful. She is the mother of our Miniature Bordoodle, Solo!

DOB 11/13/2012

Pedigree/ABCA registered
AKC registered
OFA Hip/Elbow
DNA Testing Results


Solo is an F1 black and white miniature Bordoodle. Her parents are Tundra and Houdini. She is 17″ and 25lb. Solo does not shed and has a soft, wavy coat. She is very smart and full of life! Being our smallest female, she produces our smallest Bordoodles when paired with Rocky. Small, smart and mighty!

DOB 11/27/2015

X rays
DNA Testing Results



Willow is a lovely lady with a color pattern to die for! We have longed for a sable brindle girl that had the temperament & health we were after. Willow is our girl! This girl would be happy all day long curling up at your feet and loving the days away. She shares an incredible bond with “her boy” who she greatly assists through autism and anxiety. She is a mother at heart and loves with all she has.

DOB 3/8/2016

AKC registered
DNA Testing Results


This is one special girl! Rona is the kindest soul you’ll ever meet. Very gentle and sweet, sweet, sweet! She is a 40lb F1 Bordoodle with a beautiful pedigree full of high end Poodles. Her coat is curlier than most F1s, a special trait she passes along to her puppies. She is the mother of our girl, Aurora! Both have a maturity and softness to their soul that just melts your heart. We’re very blessed to have Rona here with us all the way from Philadelphia!

DOB 10/2014


DNA Testing Results

Gracie (Leased)

Gracie is an absolutely exquisite black and white tuxedo Poodle.

She is a standard Poodle strutting a fabulous coat and structure. She is very smart and loves to please! Gracie has a strong structure like I’ve never seen. Her muscle tone and hind end are just jaw dropping! We were blessed to share our home with Gracie for a litter of Bordoodles and now her owner plans to pair her with our gorgeous “Rumor” for a purebred AKC Poodle litter! See “Poodles with Purpose”.

DOB 11/15/2015

Muddi (Retired)

Muddi is a chocolate and white Standard Poodle. She lives with a wonderful guardian home with another dog, cats and best of all, kids! She is an active and very loving girl that loves to be dressed up and pass her days by playing princess with the kids. She is 22″ and 40lb. She is extremely intelligent, loyal and loves to get silly throwing her toys into the air and pouncing!

DOB 11/6/2014

AKC Registered
X rays
DNA Testing Results

Rose (Retired)

Rose is our tallest girl in the program! She has a heart of gold and truly loves to obey and please. She is reserved with new people but once she decides to go for it, she goes all in! Wagging that short tail and snuggling against your legs. She has a deep, alerting bark to let us know if anything out of the ordinary goes on outside. She also stops barking the moment we ask her to. She is our tall, lanky girl that produces our largest Bordoodles. She produces phantoms and sables (and merle when paired with a merle). We love our darling Rose!

DOB 12/16/2015

Doodle Daisy (Retired)

Daisy is an F1a red merle Bordoodle. She is living with a fantastic couple in her guardian home. She is gentle, affectionate and very smart! Her coat is silky soft and non-shedding. She is 23″ at the shoulders and 48lb. She loves the outdoors and playing with other dogs. She is kind to small animals such as cats and chickens and is very bonded to her family. She has a very tender soul and loves to make her family proud of her!

OFA “good”
Parents: Daisy Mae and Summit

Daisy Mae (Retired)


Owned by Christine Abramson, Daisy Mae was used as a foundation female for our breeding program. She is a blue standard poodle standing 23″ at the withers and weighing 50lb. She is affectionate, loyal and has a bubbly personality. She loves children and other dogs and is a joy to be around. She has proven to be an excellent and attentive mother and has gifted us with 25 stunning Bordoodle puppies during her breeding carrier.


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