Daisy x Rubble
due Sep 21st 2019

Daisy is excited about having her second litter of “mini/medium” F1 Bordoodles! She and Rubble compliment one another well and we’re very excited to see what they deliver!

Lily x Dublin
due Oct 4th 2019

Lily is feeling joyful and excited to welcome her first ever litter of Bordoodles into the world! Dublin and her have so many wonderful traits that pair beautifully together we can’t wait to meet these little F1 medium Bordoodle babies!

Autumn x Solar
due Oct 7th 2019

Autumn has taken her long break and is so ready to be a Mama again! Her last litter have been so wonderful and families are over the moon in love with the temperaments they have! We’re counting the days until we meet Autumn’s second litter of Standard F1 Bordoodle puppies.

Poppy x Solar
due Oct 10th 2019

Poppy is also super thrilled about producing her first ever litter and also feeling super special to be the first female we have paired with Solar! These medium F1 Bordoodles are going to be spectacular in every way!


Solo x Rubble
due Nov 20th 2019

Solo is excited to announce that her very last litter is underway! She and Rubble are hopeful to bless us with a litter of Miniature F1b Bordoodles just in time for the new year! Puppies will be 12-18lb and non-shedding.



Dates are approximate and based off of the dogs last heat cycle. Pregnancy lasts 9 weeks and puppies go home at 8 weeks so “puppy go home date” is 4 months after breed date found below.


Standard F1 Bordoodles
40 – 55lb

Holly x Dublin: July 2020
Coral x Solar: Nov 2020
Willow x Solar: Nov 2019


Standard F1b Bordoodles
40 – 55lb

Autumn x Boulder: June 2020

Standard F2b Bordoodles
45 – 60lb

Aurora x Boulder: Feb 2020

Standard Multi-Gen Bordoodles
40 – 60lb

Yogo Sapphire x Barley: Sep 2020



Small Standard F1 Bordoodles
30 – 40lb

Lily x Solar: Feb 2020
Poppy x Dublin: Feb 2020

Small Standard F1b Bordoodles
28 – 35lb

Almond Joy x Boulder: July 2020



Moyan F1 Bordoodles
17 – 25lb

Daisy x Sunny: March 2020



Moyan F2b Bordoodles
15 – 25lb

Clover x Copper: June 2020

Miniature F1b Bordoodles
10 – 16lb

Maizey x Onyx: Oct 2019



~ Poodles with Purpose ~

AKC Moyan Phantom Purebred Poodles
17″ tall, 17 – 22lb

River x Troy : Spring 2020



~ Bred for Brilliance Border Collies ~

AKC purebred Border Collies

Tundra x Solar : Sept 2019
(Tundra’s last litter!)

If you’re interested in adding an Oregon Bordoodle puppy to your family, please fill out an application form! Currently accepting deposits for future puppies!

We have puppies!

To view our current puppies, please visit our puppies page! To see our upcoming litters, see the box on the left on this page!

Breedings are planned in accordance with our veterinarian’s recommendations based on his evaluation of each dog’s health, age and lifestyle, and after genetic testing. All of our breeding dogs except for Summit live in guardian homes where they are considered a member of their family and live alongside their companions. We do this because we do NOT support the kennel lifestyle of a typical breeding program. Dogs are meant to sleep at your feet, not in on concrete floors or dog-houses.

We carefully review applications to be sure we are doing all we can to ensure a good placement for our puppies. Each puppy is very special to us and a forever family is our top priority.

An Oregon Bordoodle puppy is $2,800. A deposit can be placed via Paypal or check once your application has been reviewed. Deposits are $300 and promise you a place in line to choose a puppy. Puppies are chosen in the order deposits are received. You will be offered a puppy from each litter born until your puppy has been chosen by you. Deposits are non-refundable.

We have NO available puppies at this time, thank you to all of our amazing families that chose us as the breeders to their newest family companion! You can see our puppies here!



F1 Bordoodles–>
(average 40lb)
Muddi x Summit
Due October 15th, 2017

This pairing produces not only gorgeous puppies, but dogs that develop into such intelligent, loyal and amazing companions! We’re anxious to meet the newest Muddi x Summit puppies as they never fail to surprise us with greatness!


Puppies are chosen in the order deposits are received. Our puppies are highly desired and sometimes it can be a bit of a wait. We feel confident that our puppies are well worth waiting for and so do our many owners! If you would like to guarentee yourself an Oregon Bordoodle puppy and place a deposit, please begin by filling out an application on the applications page.