Basic Shopping List

Below you will find our recommended products. These were chosen carefully by us because they are tried and true. We’re hoping to save you from purchasing many brands of items before finding the most effective, yet quality, products*. 

Quality Food

Learn more about dog food on our dedicated page – we go into a deeper look at the kinds of foods to look for, and which to avoid.

Dog Food

We feed our dogs and puppies Life’s Abundance because of it’s amazing quality, the integrity of the company and because they love it! To read more about this food and your Lifetime Health Guarantee for your puppy, click here.

Hips and Joints

We keep all of our dogs on this for life!

This formula helps maintain healthy joint cartilage and connective tissue, and to aid in the production of healthy synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints. This supplement features Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and Vitamin C. Agility Formula is a holistic, multi-action joint support formula containing scientifically tested ingredients.

Skin, Coat and Immunity

A comprehensive nutritional supplement, addressing skin and coat health in a holistic way – from the inside out. NuVet incorporates a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Regular supplementation of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from fish oil can help support your companion animal’s healthy skin, coat, heart, brain eyes and joints. However, numerous supplements on the shelves today do not contain the optimal concentration of fish oil. In addition, many of these supplements are not tested by an independent laboratory to ensure purity and safety.


Even if you don’t crate train long term, crates are a great tool for potty training. You will want to purchase a crate large enough for your adult dog, with a divider to use while they are a puppy. Read more…

Wire Crate with Divider

A crate is essential to your puppy’s well-being. Please read more on our Confinement and Potty Training page.

Purchase the correct size for your dog’s anticipated adult size.

Hard Crate

Some dogs prefer a den-like crate. Some owners like using a wire crate for night time and a hard crate in the x-pen rather than moving a crate back and forth.

Car Crate

For those wanting a safe crate for their vehicle that will hold up to a car accident, Impact Crates are a favorite.


You will need at least one bed, for your crate. You might also want an additional bed in another room or outside of the crate. We recommend either of these two styles for the crate:

Padded-Edge Crate Bed

Comfy, easy to wash crate beds that feel nest-like.

Folding Edge Crate Bed

Simple bed that doesn’t encourage chewing and is easy to wash and dry.

Wash & Zip Pet Bed:

Finally, a bed that is super easy to wash, the dogs love! And with the optional cover, nothing enticing for a dog to chew on. And, I love the opportunity to be able to support this small business, owned by such a kind person.  This family has not only come up with an extremely awesome concept but they absolutely deserve your support. On top of that, they have given us a 15% off discount code!

15% off code: BORDOODLE

Elevated Bed:

We raise our puppies using these and many families have reported their dog loving having one at home. It is also a wonderful bed to teach your dog “Place” for when the doorbell rings, etc. There are cheaper brands but you get what you pay for!

Extra Lounging Bed Option One

I love using easy to wash, lightweight and simple beds inside of crates. But for around the house we use very comfy and relaxing beds. This and the one below are two are my favorites!

Extra Lounging Bed Option Two

Edible Chewies:

We all know puppies NEED to chew! But did you know many chewies contain bleach, formaldehyde and are not even digestible? We suggest you offer your puppy highly digestible, tasty and nutritious chewies such as these:

Buffalo Bully Sticks

Dental Treats

Healthy teeth and gums are an important consideration for your dog’s overall health. Poor dental hygiene can result in health consequences throughout the whole body, not just the mouth.


These are high quality treats that wont be stuffing your puppy full of sugars and unhealthy carbs. These are the treats I have been giving your puppy for training so their tummies are already used to them!

Turkey and Berry Chewies

Tasty Rewards Nutritional Treats

Tasty Rewards Nutritional Treats

Health Bars (like a cookie)


Get toys with various textures: Remember, different teeth have different chewing needs. So be sure to have squishy, hard, rough, smooth, etc.

Fluff & Tuff

This toy will last and last and last!!! We love all of the Fluff n Tuff products but this is my favorite one. We have three that are over a year old, have been washed a zillion times and played with by many litters!

Chuckit! Indoor Ball

Something about this ball! Haven’t had a puppy/dog not absolutely love this ball! And it’s great for indoor fetch!

Krackle Ball

The irresistible sound of crackle that dogs can’t ignore! This ball is durable and easy on growing teeth.

Chuckit! Ball Launcher


These are the absolutely essential items you’ll need for training!

Training Clicker

Clicker training is a vital asset to training your puppy! We begin clicker training your puppy here and encourage you to continue! More on Clicker Training can be found on our Training Corner page.

Potty Bell

Most of our puppy owners have used Potty Bells! Teaching your puppy how to ask to go outside is very helpful and they learn these very fast! These ones are my favorite.

Long Lead

A longline is extremely important and useful for recall training, hiking trips, umbilical training and more!

Leather Leash

We send your puppy home with a custom Oregon Bordoodles collar! But you’ll need a thin, lightweight leash. I prefer a 6 foot, lightweight leather leash because they’re very flexible and easy to maneuver.

I.D. Tag

Our favorite I.D tags are “Red Dingo”. They ship right to you within days and are inexpensive. They last forever and are durable. Much better than the machines at stores!

Nature’s Miracle

Potty accidents are going to happen at one point or another. I’m convinced there is no better cleaner than Nature’s Miracle!

Dog Dishes

We only recommend stainless steel or ceramic food/water dishes. Here are some of our owner’s favorites!

Stainless Steel Food and Water Dishes

I love this silicone mat that holds the dishes in place! Dishes are easy to remove and wash, and are far enough apart that food isn’t constantly falling into the water dish.

Raised Dishes

Elevated dishes have been proven to drastically reduce the risk of a twisted stomach (as seen in the movie “Marley”.) We like this one because it adjusts as your puppy grows!


Our most recommended products for grooming your Bordoodle!

Dog Shampoo

Earthbath is our favorite, we ask that you not use Hartz or Seargents.


This stuff is amazing at removing and preventing plaque. Rub it on your Bordoodle’s teeth with your finger for best results, but you can also sprinkle it on food or rub it on a favorite chew-toy or chewy. It’s made from cheese enzymes, so it’s all natural and they will love the taste!


This is the #1 most recommended comb by all Doodle owners!

Tangle Remover

This stuff is a lifesaver!

Pin & Bristle Brush

My favorite every day brush!

Kwik Stop

Absolute necessity to have on hand

Ear Cleaner

The best ear cleaner

Ear Treatment

In the case of infection/yeast

Dog Mats

These mats are a game changer! I finally invested in one last year to see what the hype was about and oh my goodness! Now we have 6.


If you will be using a litterbox, as discussed on our Confinement and Potty Training page, this is the best litterbox.


Made for dogs.

Dog Gates


An X-pen is absolutely crucial to raising a puppy. It gives them a safe place to be when you’re unable to have your eyes on them. Please see our Confinement and Potty Training page for more details.

We have used 20+ brands/styles, and these are our go-to pens:

*Although these products have been used, adored and recommended by us and other Bordoodle owners, please keep in mind that every dog is different. We will do our best to keep you updated on any recalls but ultimately it is your responsibility to research individual products and companies/brands.