• Striving to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully by pairing the world's top two breeds -- the Border Collie and the Poodle!

Welcome to Oregon Bordoodles! We strive to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully pairing the world’s top two most intelligent breeds–the Border Collie & the Poodle! To get a glimpse into our program and dogs, please watch our video! To view upcoming litters, puppies, or learn more about Bordoodles, browse our website.

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Friday, our Bordoodle puppy, is the new love of our lives.  She is the most personable, intelligent dog I have ever owned.  When we started looking into getting a Bordoodle we were fortunate to find Danielle, who answered all our many questions and worked closely with us throughout the process of picking a puppy and finally bringing our baby home.


Wilder, now 3 month old, is awesome. I’ve had many a dog in my life and raised and trained many more for a service organization, but I can honestly say I have never had a puppy who is as well adjusted, smart, healthy, willing, and just plain great fun as this one. He loves all of us, loves to please, and loves to explore and learn. Several neighbors and friends are jealous, and others have asked to help them with theirs.

But it’s not just us working with him, or not just him–a dog has to have good genes and a great “early childhood” experience, and for that we credit you. I’ve never bought a dog from a breeder–they’ve always found me. However, we met one of your older dogs at a restaurant last year, asked the owner about him, and immediately began researching Oregon Bordoodles. I couldn’t be happier with our boy–thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and kind, competent professionalism. We couldn’t be happier with our new family member!

Cheers, Scott Bowler & Victoria Lanea


I am the proud owner of a F1b Oregon Bordoodle.  Otis is a wonderful puppy, very smart and loving to everyone and everything, even the squirrels are safe 🙂  Danielle was/is terrific to work with, very patient when I wavered on which of the litter that called to my heart and continues to be wonderful even now 2 months after he came home to us with helpful suggestions and is always very quick in answering any question.  It has been pure ease and love on every step of our journey.


From Rona and Rocky, age 2, 30.2 pounds. Lassie Grace is a love, with over the top energy and enthusiasm for life, hikes 3-5 miles easily, with daily 3-4 mile walks. Strong, muscular, guardian of her domain, still very puppy with ongoing training as she matures, never met a stranger (human or canine), shining star at the vet and groomer ( they all love her disposition) and they send me compliment notes on the joy she brings into their work space. She is high test energy yet mellows and melts right into you for love, confidently submissive, a total kid dog. Sorry, I’ll stop now, I am sure you have heard all this before with your other pups. She’s a star ⭐️. Much love , Pamela


Broder has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a spunky, energetic, loving dog. He loves to play and he is very brilliant. He can learn tricks in 10 minutes and will remember them forever. All of our lives have changed with his presence, but we would not trade him for any dog!


We met our breeder, Danielle, and saw available Bordoodle puppies at her home. The puppies were happy and at play in their warm and loving farm environment. We picked our female, red merle pup and named her Daisy. Danielle asked us if we were interested in being guardian parents since Daisy was her “top choice” of that litter. We voluntarily accepted the role and have called Danielle often when we’ve had questions or concerns about Daisy, her development or health. Danielle has provided us with excellent technical and emotional support as Daisy has grown. We love our year and half year old Bordoodle. Daisy is extremely cheerful, freindly and smart. She enjoys all ages of people, especially children. She is low shedding and rarely barks. As a very active dog, she requires consistent and lively exercise and play. Daisy is a great addition to our family and we love her dearly!


Are you wondering what a "Bordoodle" is? A Bordoodle, sometimes also called a "BorderDoodle" or "Border Collie Poodle" also BorderPoodle, BC Poodle, BorderPoo, BorderDoodles, BorderPoos, Border-Doodle, BorderColliePoodle -- is a dog breed that is a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle. Bordoodles are extremely intelligent, friendly and eager to please. They get along well with other dogs and children and are very easy to train. Bordoodles are often referred to as a "designer breed" or "Poodle Hybrid" (which is not, technically, true, as all dogs are the same species.)