Bordoodles are quite amazing in how they change based on age and grooming! On this page, we’ll discuss grooming as well as show you photos of a few of our dogs in puppyhood and then adulthood!

It’s taken me a long time to find a handful of grooming styles that I like. Every owner is different and has a different preference of how their dog looks and feels. Below, you can see my favorite grooming style as well as many other cute looks our dogs can have! Finding a groomer expirienced with “Doodles” is also key.


I prefer a cute, yet functional cut.

Face and Eyes:

  • Diagonally cut above the eyes, leaving the eyelashes long.
  • Blend bang line into ear length.
  • Using scissors only, diagonally cut under eyes and around nose.


  • Cut underside of ear up to ear leather.
  • Leave front of ear longer, blending in with bang length.

Top of head:

  • Top of head should remain longer, it should be long enough to slightly part in the middle and gradually blend into the length of the ear.


  • Clip body to 3/4 to 3″ length, depending on preference.


  • Leave legs and feet the same length as body.
  • Round the fur on the bottom of the feet, eliminating any coat from touching the ground.

Below, you can see several different types of cuts that our past owners like to use!