Bordoodles truly are the best of both breeds! The Border Collie adds focus, work ethic, attention span and control to balance out the bubbly and praise driven Poodle. The Poodle strongly dulls down the herding instinct, energy level and shedding coat of the Border Collie and adds it’s own sought-after traits such as food motivation, friendliness, joyful personality and non-shedding coat. Combined, our Bordoodles are an amazing companion for a large variety of homes, families and lifestyles! If you’re wanting an easy to train dog that is highly intelligent, cute as a teddy bear, athletic, affectionate and loyal… then you’ll love the Oregon Bordoodle temperament!

About Oregon Bordoodles:

Selectively pair the world’s most intelligent breeds, and what is the outcome? Bordoodles! The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists the Border Collie and the Poodle as the top two smartest breeds on their website. Border Collies are known for their high energy, affection and intelligence: Remarkably smart workaholics; not adverse to a good cuddle (AKC). Poodles for their  intelligence, pride and activeness: the Poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself (AKC). And, of course, Poodles are also revered for their low-shed fur coats. Mix the two and you get a very loving, eager-to-please, soft and low-shed offspring.

The intentional crossing of a Border Collie and Poodle to create Bordoodles aka Borderdoodles, is fairly a new idea. My first litter of Bordoodles was born April 8th 2014 after several years of breeding purebred Border Collies.

I was so amazed by their intelligence, gentle souls, healthy energy and appearance that I felt very excited to continue this journey and focus solely on Bordoodles. I began developing my own small breeding program, working hard to do things differently than many breeders I had come across. I wanted health testing, temperament evaluations, and strong bloodlines to be my focus. Anyone can place two dogs together–but it takes a lot of patience and dedication to seek out only the best and pair dogs together that compliment one another in every way.

I am very proud of the program we have created and our dedication and originality is clear-to-see when reading our reviews, testimonials and viewing photos and videos of our Oregon Bordoodles!

I am often asked if they resemble a Border Collie or Poodle more. Honestly, they have a look that is truly their own, and of course, the various generations produce slight differences. An Oregon Bordoodle has a wavy to curly coat (depending on generation and genetics) that can look very different depending on the grooming preference of the owner. Trimmed shorter than 3 inches, the coat is very soft and easy to manage. Their colors and patterns are bold and beautiful. When the coat is kept long and fleecey, they have a very teddy bear appearance and their patterns/colors tend to blend in with one another. They can change colors drastically from puppy to adulthood. They have an athletic body-type and generally their ears hang down alongside their face. They can carry their tails up over their body, or down as a Border Collie does. They are an active dog breed needing exercise daily for both healthy body and mind. They don’t have the strong and relentless herding instinct of the B.C, making them much more suitable for your average active family. They love to learn new things and are eager to please. My dogs have proven to well at agility, flyball, search and rescue, running partner, scent work, service dog work–and of course, at just being a family companion! Backcross generations such as an F1b have curlier coats and almost always carry their curled tail above their back. All generations have a loud, deep bark that is descended from their Poodle heritage creating the perfect sound to warn off unwelcome guests. They have the obedient nature that makes it easy to train various skills based on your families needs.

Family Raised Puppies

Family-raised dogs, bred from excellent bloodlines, produce the best offspring. All of our dogs get early stimulation from being raised with other pets, children and normal household smell, sounds and sights. When they come to your home, they have had a best start possible and are ready and eager to learn how to fit into their new “pack.” We have raving reviews about the remarkable balance and confidence our puppies have from day one! We do all we can to stand apart from other breeders by prioritizing health, affection, socialization and early training with each and every puppy born here!

Bordoodle Generations

F1: First Generation Bordoodles

A first generation hybrid Bordoodle (F1) is the product of a Border Collie and a Poodle. As first generation hybrids, these dogs have the added health benefits associated with Hybrid Vigor; this refers to the concept that dogs which have been extensively inbred to create a particular breed are less vigorous (lower sperm count, lower survival rates, shorter lifespans, more inherited genetic problems), but when crossed with another breed there can be fewer inherited problems than in a purebred. That said, genetic testing is crucial as Poodles and Border Collies do have a few shared diseases that must be ruled out prior to pairing.

Description: Coat grows to a natural body length of 3-8 inches which requires combing and occasional grooming. Many choose to have the fur cut back once every few months to keep the fur shorter and easier to maintain. Coats are usually wavy.

Shedding: mostly very light to non-shed Allergy Friendliness: Does well in families with mild allergies. When a family has moderate to severe allergies, a backcross Bordoodle is recommended.

F1b: First Generation Backcross Bordoodles

A backcross pup (F1b) is the result of a hybrid bred back to one of its breeds of origin. From a genetic standpoint a backcross pup is a first generation cross. As breeders are breeding towards non-shedding and allergy friendliness, a backcross Bordoodle is generally the product of a Bordoodle bred to a Poodle. The resulting dog is one-quarter Border Collie and three-quarters Poodle.

Description: Coat continues to grow in length although similar in appearance to a first generation Bordoodle. Coats require moderate to high care. Coats are wavy or curly.

Shedding: very light to non-shed. Recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

F2: Second Generation Bordoodles

A second generation Bordoodle (F2) is the result of an F1 Bordoodle bred to another F1 Bordoodle.. This is seldom done as it results in a genetically varied generation, from mostly Border Collie, to mostly Poodle, to results in between.

Description: The coat can be a hair coat, wavy coat, or curly coat. Coats maintenance varies according to the characteristics of the pup.

Shedding: varies greatly from shedders to non-shedders depending on the characteristics of the pup.

F2b: Second Generation Backcross Bordoodles

A second generation backcross pup (F2b) is the result of a Bordoodle (F1) bred to a Bordoodle backcross (F1b).

Coat Description: A softer version of an F1. More consistent wave than an F1 and not as curly as an F1b.

Shedding: Mostly non-shed.