In 2014 my husband and I began the journey of what has become “Oregon Bordoodles” with our first litter of this amazing cross—the Border Collie and the Poodle. Before moving to Oregon, we lived against the mountains in Montana where we trained and worked with some of the best Border Collies around. We experienced the “true Border Collie”. Loyalty, instinct, drive, focus and commitment. A dog with a strong structure and a balanced temperament. It is with that background and knowledge that Oregon Bordoodles stands apart from all others.

We use only the finest Border Collies to avoid neurotic, high strung or unbalanced dogs. Pairing said Border Collies with carefully selected Poodles have created a breed not only gorgeous and allergy-friendly but also a dog that is the perfect family companion. Our puppies have proven to do well in the busyness of city life, managing the noises and rides on the Subway. We have also placed dogs who experience life in the country, thus mastering the boundaries of fenceless property and co-existing with livestock and chickens. We are confident that our puppies can do whatever you train them for, including a running partner, agility competitor, therapy dog or solely as a cherished family member.

Just minutes to the beach in one direction, or minutes to the river and forest in another, we’re blessed to have the opportunity to spoil our dogs with adventure and love. Every single dog in our program is a cherished family member, living either with us, or with their guardian family.

We’ve changed a lot since 2014 with our first Bordoodle litter, but our passion and goals remain the same: To love dogs unconditionally. To be dedicated to their well-being entirely, and all that that entails. To provide a healthy, well socialized and pre-loved puppy to the families who entrust us with the job of being the breeder to their next family companion.

Our mission is to bring glory to God through responsible breeding practices.

Oregon Bordoodles: Striving to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully pairing the world’s top 2 breeds! The Border Collie and the Poodle!