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Our Bordoodle puppies are $3,000.

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Danielle Manire

Tillamook, OR



A note from Danielle: I cannot count the amount of hours I have spent researching dog food brands, factories, their sources, their morals, their quality control and more. I am looking at the ingredients but also so much more. I want to know where their ingredients come from, and how they’re processed. How large or small do they make their batches and what do they routinely do to check the quality of their sources. What are their goals? Where do they look for their science based research and information? These are just a few factors at play when I’m looking into Dog Food companies.

At the end of it all, we have two companies that we feel produce consistent quality: PawTree, and Life’s Abundance. As such, I have decided to become an Independent Representative for each company to promote their food and other products. I receive a commission when you purchase through my website.

~Danielle Manire
Life’s Abundance Independent Field Representative
PawTree Affiliate