So is so smart that she amazes us. Besides being obsessed with retrieving, she rings the bell to go out and then shuts the door when she comes in without even being told. I think she could learn anything.

I am the proud owner of a F1b Oregon Bordoodle.  Otis is a wonderful puppy, very smart and loving to everyone and everything, even the squirrels are safe 🙂  Danielle was/is terrific to work with, very patient when I wavered on which of the litter that called to my heart and continues to be wonderful even now 2 months after he came home to us with helpful suggestions and is always very quick in answering any question.  It has been pure ease and love on every step of our journey.


We love our Bordoodle, Loki! He is so smart, easy to train and very loving. Danielle has been wonderful to work with; available always to answer questions and offer support. Great breeder and great dogs!


… very smart and learns so fast!

Broder has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a spunky, energetic, loving dog. He loves to play and he is very brilliant. He can learn tricks in 10 minutes and will remember them forever. All of our lives have changed with his presence, but we would not trade him for any dog!


He is the best puppy ever!! He is so smart and loving. He potty trained so quickly, he is only 9 months old and tells us when he needs to go out. He is not crazy active, but when I take him to the dog park he goes crazy. It’s so fun to watch him and we hope to get him into agility.


When I decided that now was the right time in my life to fulfill my dream of partnering with a search dog, I knew that finding the right puppy was so important.  From the moment I stumbled on Oregon Bordoodle’s impressive website I knew I had found the right breed and breeder for this great life adventure. Every correspondence with Danielle had been an absolute pleasure. She is both knowledgeable and willing to answer any and all questions a potential bordoodle owner might have. North has proven to be both obedient and intelligent. House-training was a cinch! His personality is so much fun, he bonded with my three children and our female boxer effortlessly.  As a team North and I have a lot of work ahead of us, but I have no doubt he is the right puppy for the job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~SADIE


She has been a joyful addition to our family. Prepare for a very active puppy with boundless energy. She has bursts of energy several times a day that we call her “F-5 tornado sessions” and she is very smart and lovable!


I collected my 12 week old Boredoodle 4 weeks ago. He is a delight! Chocolate with green eyes-I call him Dunkin. After a cross country flight he arrived in Florida with his travel Nanny, Sam. I wished him home to meet my 8 yr old fox terrier Sascha. I have to say, the first 2 days were testy re my fox terrier, but Dunkin won her heart as he did mine! They play like puppies, share toys and bones and have become best buds. With such a huge transition, Dunkin has had no eating or bowel issues and has been responsive and loving. Condos also to Micaela Kennedy for her Excellent puppy training. They are an outstanding team whom I highly recommend. I will get another Boredoodle in a heart beat


From Rona and Rocky, age 2, 30.2 pounds. Lassie Grace is a love, with over the top energy and enthusiasm for life, hikes 3-5 miles easily, with daily 3-4 mile walks. Strong, muscular, guardian of her domain, still very puppy with ongoing training as she matures, never met a stranger (human or canine), shining star at the vet and groomer ( they all love her disposition) and they send me compliment notes on the joy she brings into their work space. She is high test energy yet mellows and melts right into you for love, confidently submissive, a total kid dog. Sorry, I’ll stop now, I am sure you have heard all this before with your other pups. She’s a star ⭐️. Much love , Pamela


Friday, our Bordoodle puppy, is the new love of our lives.  She is the most personable, intelligent dog I have ever owned.  When we started looking into getting a Bordoodle we were fortunate to find Danielle, who answered all our many questions and worked closely with us throughout the process of picking a puppy and finally bringing our baby home.


Two years ago we lost our amazing dog Bandit who was a Border Collie mix.  For several months we had been searching online for the right dog. We were just about to give up when we happened upon the Oregon Bordoodles website. This site was the most impressive and informative one we had visited in our extensive search. A puppy had just become available that day so we contacted the breeder immediately. After speaking to Danielle her professionalism left us with had no doubts we were making the right decision. So that is how “Ruffle” Wilson came in to our lives. He is a wonderful dog and just what the doctor ordered to fill that hole in our hearts. Wilson is so sweet, so smart and soooo loved!! We are fascinated by his ever changing colors and get many compliments about his markings. It will be interesting to see how he looks in a year. Thank you, Danielle you are truly a beautiful person and definitely a quality breeder. We appreciate your ethics, commitment and dedication to breeding happy and healthy dogs like Wilson.


Wilder, now 3 month old, is awesome. I’ve had many a dog in my life and raised and trained many more for a service organization, but I can honestly say I have never had a puppy who is as well adjusted, smart, healthy, willing, and just plain great fun as this one. He loves all of us, loves to please, and loves to explore and learn. Several neighbors and friends are jealous, and others have asked to help them with theirs.

But it’s not just us working with him, or not just him–a dog has to have good genes and a great “early childhood” experience, and for that we credit you. I’ve never bought a dog from a breeder–they’ve always found me. However, we met one of your older dogs at a restaurant last year, asked the owner about him, and immediately began researching Oregon Bordoodles. I couldn’t be happier with our boy–thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and kind, competent professionalism. We couldn’t be happier with our new family member!

Cheers, Scott Bowler & Victoria Lanea


Koko is so gentle, very considerate, excellent listener, persistent, active and loving…

We met our breeder, Danielle, and saw available Bordoodle puppies at her home. The puppies were happy and at play in their warm and loving farm environment. We picked our female, red merle pup and named her Daisy. Danielle asked us if we were interested in being guardian parents since Daisy was her “top choice” of that litter. We voluntarily accepted the role and have called Danielle often when we’ve had questions or concerns about Daisy, her development or health. Danielle has provided us with excellent technical and emotional support as Daisy has grown. We love our year and half year old Bordoodle. Daisy is extremely cheerful, freindly and smart. She enjoys all ages of people, especially children. She is low shedding and rarely barks. As a very active dog, she requires consistent and lively exercise and play. Daisy is a great addition to our family and we love her dearly!


At first I worried these dogs would be too smart and not personable enough. Amazing thing is, they’re emotionally intelligent. They love to interact with people and are very in-tune with how you’re feeling. He does have a lot of energy and likes to chase squirrels. He also loves to give hugs!


The trail running career has begun for Bear. He’s truly amazing and loves coming for rides/runs. Thanks for bringing this little guys to us.


…he’s the bestest dog ever. He is great with the kids and the cats. (We breed cats and needed a dog to help “raise” them) He potty trained really quick … he’s not overly active in the house. He’ll play fetch with his ball but would rather watch T.V with the kiddos or snuggle with the cats.


In November, 2014 after losing a border collie mix rescue dog, we were looking to replace her with another dog. Looking for a low to no-shedding dog, we didn’t think it was possible to have another border collie. After searching for awhile, we found a breeder of Bordoodles, which seemed the best of all worlds. What made it better, was that there was a pregnant mom, due to deliver the end of January or beginning of February, 2015. After talking with Danielle, we put our name on the waiting list of families. February 1, 2015, the litter arrived. (Super Bowl Sunday). Pictures were posted fairly quickly so that alll of the families could watch them grow!! Each week reports on developmental milestones were shared. We became more and more excited about which one would be ‘our pick’. We started our wanting a girl but we were 6th in line to choose and there were only 3 girls in the litter. We loved being able to get to know the boys too as there might have been only boys left when it was our turn!! As our turn approached, Danielle told us about the ‘smallest puppy’ of the litter  who had been so tiny, they didn’t know if she would make it. Danielle and Christine had to make sure she had a turn at feeding times so that she could grow and thrive along with her siblings. Danielle said that because of this girl’s tiny stature and delicate nature, they would LIKE it if she would not go to a home with rowdy kids. Since we have only one older dog at home, our choice was made.

We live 9 hours away. Our choice of our puppy was completely through the internet. Fortunately, we were in the area a week or two after making our choice and could meet our puppy a couple of weeks before bringing her home. We got to see the whole litter and enjoy them as a litter before driving home with our girl. What a fabulous litter they were. Not a bad puppy in the bunch!! We were in love immediately. These puppies begin their lives in Christine’s home along with the day-to-day happenings of her family. I loved that Christine’s daughter stepped through the puppy pile, petting a couple along the way to get somethig from the opposite side of the room. These puppies were so happy and content. When we saw them next, it was when we went to pick up our puppy. This time we went to Danielle’s home and the were all outside running around, so playful and happy… ready to face their new adventures!   Our Emmy went through the normal adjustments of leaving her litter and being a part of our family and extended family. She has done beautifully. Danielle was available for questions we had and gave very sound advice. Emmy isn’t our first puppy but each is different and requires different attention. Our tiny girl has grown into a very smart, happy, independent and confident “older” puppy. She loves people and other animals that she encounters and is a much welcome addition to our family pack! I attribute this to her wonderful, caring and loving beginnings at Oregon Bordoodles!!   Thank you Danielle and Christine… Summit & Daisy!