We love visitors!

There are many things about being the owner of Oregon Bordoodles that I cherish. Beyond the obvious of snuggles, late night whelping, puppy breath and tiny toes, there is another aspect I truly enjoy. Visiting with families from all over the world that are adding one of our special puppies to their family! Being a “people person”, I certainly thrive on hearing people’s stories, their family dynamic and sharing in the daydream of what having their puppy home will be like. It’s a very fun part of what I do and we love opening our home to the people that are trusting us to raise their newest family member!

We will post the dates of planned puppy parties HERE. If you would like to attend, please email us.

Aside from enjoying the process, it is also important that we do all we can do keep each and every puppy and dog as safe as possible here.

Puppies have vulnerable immune system’s and even simple things can be fatal to them. Some protocols in place to protect our puppies are:

  • Please do not visit Petco, Petsmart, Nature’s Pet, Home Depot or any other pet friendly store on the day of your visit.
  • Please do not visit any other breeders, puppies or dogs other than your own on the day of your visit.
  • We will ask that you remove your shoes and leave them in the bins provided outside.
  • Please roll your pants up to your calf so they are not touching the ground.
  • Please remove coats, jackets etc and roll up long sleeves.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands and arms with a disinfectant soap prior to entering any puppy areas.
  • Unfortunately, even though I’m sure your dog is vaccinated and well behaved, we prefer your dog be left at home whenever possible. (Exception of course during Oregon Bordoodles family gatherings!)
  • Due to puppies being fragile, and somewhat overwhelming when excited, small children generally are not best suited for puppy parties.

Other information about visiting:

  • Although our cats will likely be confined during your visit, they do roam our home generally. So, if you’re allergic, please let us know.
  • We have a young son that often accompanies me in visits so please be patient as I balance motherhood and business.
  • Please keep your children with you at all times and under control. This is our home and we ask that it be respected just as we would respect your home. If you have active children it may be helpful to bring along a friend or family member to help.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. If you will be late, please text me at 503-716-2612 to let me know.
  • Your clothes are likely to get paw-prints and more on them so we don’t advise dress clothes. Bringing a change of clothes isn’t a bad idea!
  • Yes, you may take photos! Please hashtag #oregonbordoodles when posting on social media!
  • Lastly, please remember that this is our home. It is not a facility. It will look “lived in” when you come and have various family members coming and going and things going on.

We truly appreciate your understanding and are excited to visit with you!

Interested in visiting?

Click here to sign up for one of our Puppy Parties!!


Oregon Bordoodles Annual Gathering:

Our annual Bordoodle dog gathering will be at one of the following locations (decision of location to be announced later:
  • Oceanside Beach State Recreation Site
  • Cape Mears
  • Our home in Tillamook
Check back soon for available dates. Currently all parties are cancelled until further notice. 

Who’s invited?

  • Anyone who owns an Oregon Bordoodle
  • Anyone interested in meeting an Oregon Bordoodle
  • All Oregon Bordoodle’s guardians