Baxter & Bella is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to us here at Oregon Bordoodles! Let’s face it, Bordoodles are extremely intelligent. Whether you’re a family that has owned
many dogs or whether this is your family’s first dog ever… I am sure you’re wanting a well balanced, fun to be around and content Bordoodle.

Good genetics play an important role in the temperament of your Bordoodle in addition to the  environment he was raised in. I have that part covered! Now, it’s your turn.

Will you allow this highly intelligent puppy to wreak havoc on your home by using that adorable face and smart brain to overwhelm you? Or, do you want to make the most of that amazing animal
before you and end up with an adjusted, joyful, affectionate and well mannered dog? Let’s pick option 2!

Baxter & Bella is an online training school for your puppy. They offer one-on-one support and countless quality videos explaining how to train your puppy. So many of our families have rave
reviews about how helpful the program has been for them and their puppy.

Danielle, thank you for recommending Baxter & Bella! We cannot thank you enough. Ollie is only 5 months old and he is already so easy and enjoyable. Our last dog wasn’t this trained until he over 2 years old!

I just wanted to share a few updates and photos of Roxie. She’s getting so big! We are still using Baxter & Bella and are so impressed! We’ve learned so much and have gotten to enjoy Roxie so much more since we’ve had clear direction on how to interact with her from the beginning.

Baxter and Bella is a lifesaver! I thought I was a pretty good trainer but what I’ve learned through that program blows my mind. I wish we had had this when our Lab, Duke, was a puppy.

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Watch a short video here: