Board and Train

An incredible opportunity for your puppy to receive extra foundational training prior to coming home

We are happy to share that we have a Board & Train option for your puppy prior to him or her officially coming home!

What is “Board and Train”?

Board and Train is a term used to describe a situation where your dog is not only housed and loved on for a duration of time, but is also trained while away!

Who provides the Board and Train?

We have worked closely with Merissa Micochero for almost 5 years now at her Training Facility called “Paw & Hand K9”. She has trained over 30 dogs/puppies for us including my personal Bordoodle, Yogo Sapphire as well as some of our guardian dogs such as Solar, Solo, Almond and more! Merissa shares the same values as we do regarding proper training techniques, positive reinforcement and safety. She also understands, admires and works off of the Puppy Culture foundation all of our puppies receive from birth to 8 weeks here with us! Finding a “Puppy Culture savvy” trainer can be tough and I could not be more blessed by Merissa and her talents.

What does the Board & Train option look like?

At 8/9 weeks when puppies are leaving our home to head to their new homes, some families send their puppy to Merissa for training. Merissa comes here to pick up the puppies who are moving to her home–and after some puppy snuggles and a cup of coffee–she heads out the door, puppy(ies) in tow! They are secured into comfortable travel crates with a yummy chew toy and off they go for their one-hour ride to Aumsville, Oregon.

How long is the Board and Train?

Merissa offers various Board and Train options. Her most common and recommended time-frame for puppies is four weeks. That means your puppy would come home to you around 12 weeks of age. This is beautifully timed as the “critical period” for learning and socialization in puppies ends at 12 weeks. This means that not only does your puppy get a massive amount of positive exposure, socialization and training here at our home until 8 weeks, but then they get to continue that fast-paced learning and enrichment for their full 12 weeks! The amount of information a puppy can learn during this critical period will never be possible again at the same pace, after this critical period. Going somewhere new; with fun dogs to play with, children, and daily training sessions multiple times a day as well as advanced socialization is honestly the very best foundation a puppy can have.

Won’t I miss out on “puppy days”?

Can my puppy still bond with me if he/she isn’t home until after 12 weeks?

This is a reasonable question. I’m happy to say this has never ever been an issue any of my owners or myself have experienced. Puppies are still silly, clumsy, fluffy & adorable little babies at 12 weeks. Yes, they are bigger than they were at 8 weeks but missing a few pounds of growth is an easy trade for the exceptional work done in that time! Also, we have never encountered a puppy struggling to immediately bond with their family after returning from Board and Train. It’s honestly no different in their minds then when they arrive at 8 weeks. Except now, they are more pleasant and even easier due to all their advanced training!

So what do they learn at Paw & Hand K9?

Merissa is happy to train specific things that are important for your family and lifestyle. These can be customized to your specific needs. That said, there are a few foundational basics every puppy learns during their Four Weeks with her. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Sleeping through the night in a crate
  • Being comfortable in a crate for short durations during the day, even with distractions happening outside the crate
  • Potty training
  • Self soothing and remaining calm in an “x-pen” or gated area for short durations while exciting things happen on the other side.
  • “Sit” as a command
  • “Bed stay” as a command (going to a bed and waiting there until released. Even with distraction)
  • “Lie down” as a command
  • Waiting patiently for food and until a release is given
  • Quietly waiting at doors, gates etc until given a release word
  • Walking loosely on a leash
  • Traveling in vehicles calmly
  • Socialization with a variety of dogs in a safe and controlled setting
  • Mastering of manners around children
  • Exposure to noises and various smells to help them maintain confidence in new surroundings
  • And many optional tricks such as “roll over” or “speak” or “shake”!

What does the Board & Train option cost?

Merissa’s rate is $500 a week. So, most families pay $2,000 for a 4-week Board and Train. She does have various time lengths available, some as short at 2 weeks. These details can be discussed directly with Merissa.

How do I sign my puppy up for Board and Train?

As soon as you have said “Yes” to a specific litter that has been born here at Oregon Bordoodles, you will want to book your training. Merissa fills up quickly–so even though you won’t know exactly which puppy in the litter is yours until after 5 weeks of age, don’t wait that long to reserve your spot! Her contact information can be found below.