Board and Train

An incredible opportunity for your puppy to receive extra foundational training prior to coming home

We are happy to share that we have a Board & Train option for your puppy prior to him or her officially coming home!

What is “Board and Train”?

Board and Train is a term used to describe a situation where your dog is not only housed and loved on for a duration of time, but is also trained while away!

Who provides the Board and Train?

We have two local trainers we work closely with. Each offering something unique! We have used both with our own personal dogs and been thrilled with the quality, thoroughness and thoughtfulness of their training.

What does the Board & Train option look like?

One of our trainers can take your puppy as early as 8 weeks of age, straight from us – to her! The other works with puppies 4 months and older. Both offer a variety of duration options.

Who are the trainers you work with?

Paw & Hand K9 – Aumsville, OR

At your Service Dogs Training – Portland, OR

Won’t I miss out on “puppy days”?

Can my puppy still bond with me if he/she isn’t home until after 12 weeks?

This is a reasonable question. I’m happy to say this has never ever been an issue any of my owners or myself have experienced. Puppies are still silly, clumsy, fluffy & adorable little babies at 12 weeks. Yes, they are bigger than they were at 8 weeks but missing a few pounds of growth is an easy trade for the exceptional work done in that time! Also, we have never encountered a puppy struggling to immediately bond with their family after returning from Board and Train. It’s honestly no different in their minds then when they arrive at 8 weeks. Except now, they are more pleasant and even easier due to all their advanced training!

So what do they learn at a Board and Train?

Both trainers have a full list of things your puppy will learn while in their care! Take a look at their websites and different options, by clicking the links above.

What does the Board & Train option cost?

Both trainers offer a variety of training options and their prices are listed on their individual websites.

How do I sign my puppy up for Board and Train?

Each trainer can be contacted through their website. Feel free to email us as well so we can work directly with the trainer regarding pick up dates.