Before contacting, please be sure you have visited our FAQ page as it answers many common questions about available puppies, upcoming litters and more! Thank you!!

Our Bordoodle puppies are $3,500. Our current wait time is several months out. Please, be sure you’re comfortable waiting prior to contacting us. Thank you!

Speaking with you and answering your questions is very important to us! We generally return calls and inquires three times weekly and appreciate your patience and understanding as we prioritize our dogs, puppies and family. If you don’t hear back soon or have an urgent question, please call me at 503-716-2612. Thank you!

[mk_contact_info title=”Oregon Bordoodles” phone=”503.716.2612″ email=”oregonbordoodles@yahoo.com” address=”Tillamook, OR” person=”Danielle Manire”]

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