Dog Food

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make for your puppy will be dedicating yourself to feeding him wholesome dog food. This will impact every single part of his life from brain function, to skin, coat texture, joints, muscle, energy level and even shedding. How long your Bordoodle lives, and the quality of life during his life- is greatly determined by his diet. Because of this, I am extremely passionate about what we feed our adults, our puppies and in turn, what you feed once your puppy leaves my arms and comes into yours.

I cannot count the amount of hours I have spent researching brands, factories, their sources, their morals, their quality control and more. I am looking at the ingredients but also so much more. I want to know where their ingredients come from, and how they’re processed. How large or small do they make their batches and what do they routinely do to check the quality of their sources. What are their goals? Where do they look for their science based research and information? These are just a few factors at play when I’m looking into Dog Food companies.

At the end of it all, we have two companies that we feel produce consistent quality: PawTree, and Life’s Abundance.

Why do we feed both?

We want our families to feel like they have options. Telling a family there is only one company we support can leave them feeling like they have little choice in what they feed their Bordoodle. Both foods have their unique & amazing qualities and I feed and support both.

Our puppies are raised being fed both. PawTree Lamb, Chickpeas and Lentils as well as Life’s Abundance All Life Stages.

By feeding the combination, their bodies are used to both and will easily transition to whichever you may like most.

We generally feed a 60% Life’s Abundance and 40% Lamb PawTree mixture to our puppies. While we love and feed PawTree’s other diets to our adult dogs, we keep it simple for the puppies by only ever offering those two kibble diets.

So what should you feed your new puppy ?

Well, in a perfect world you would start them off with exactly what they’re used to. You would purchase a bag of Life’s Abundance and a bag of PawTree Lamb and mix them together. You would feed this mixture for the first month and after that, you can transition your puppy to whichever diet you/they like most. When your puppy is around 5 months, slowly transition him to one of the other proteins that PawTree or Life’s Abundance offers if you’d like to offer variety or whenever you feel your dog is ready for a change. Variety is the spice of life and it makes for a healthy, well adjusted body.