“Which puppy will be ours!?” This is the first question I am asked. Of course you want to know! Adding a puppy to the family is exciting and knowing exactly which puppy you are bringing home matters!

We take great care and pride in our breeding program–the health of our puppies and the socialization they receive as they develop.

Along with these important factors, we also spend countless hours observing each individual puppy to help determine which one will thrive in each type of lifestyle and family.

We will send out a questionnaire to each waiting family asking for specific details such as their training experience, lifestyle and more. This helps us have a better idea of what temperament may fit best with their family. We take the information from each family and make suggestions based on what they are asking for along with the observations we have made in each puppy. Although we do place puppies based on the order of deposits received, we also will only place a puppy in your home if it is a good fit. We ask families to be open-minded when it comes to the many varied specifics such as gender and color. The more open-minded you are in the allocation process, the sooner we will be to place a puppy in your home. That being said, if you are very confident of your color and/or gender preference, we do promise to do everything possible to help you get your desired puppy as soon as possible. But please remember that matching temperament with lifestyle is our first priority! When your deposit placement brings you to “your turn”, you will have the option to choose a puppy from those available (and who fits your family’s lifestyle) or you can “pass” and roll the the top of the list at the next litter if you are hoping for a different size, color, gender or temperament.

We have yet to have a family that is anything but thrilled and appreciative of the perfect placement of their new puppy.

We hope this answers all of your questions about how “choosing your puppy” works.

Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age We cannot hold a puppy beyond the “Go-Home” date so ask that you make arrangements as needed, as soon as the Go-Home date is announced for a given litter. Remember, if you need more time… selection one of our trainers to board and train your puppy for 4, 6 or 8 additional weeks may be a great opportunity for you! More about that can be found on our Board and Train page.

I look forward to helping you choose the right puppy for your family!