You may have noticed we do NOT have a payment link on our website! This is because we do not support the idea of accepting deposits for puppies without first “meeting” our potential buyers. Please fill out an application and after review you may place a deposit if we feel one of our puppies is a good fit for your family.

An Oregon Bordoodle puppy is $3,000. Deposits are $300 and go towards the total cost of your puppy. The remaining balance of $2,700 is due in full before your puppy goes home. If your puppy is being flown to you we require payment in full as well as additional shipping costs be paid via paypal or check at least 7 days before his/her departure date. Deposits are non-refundable so please be sure in your decision to add a puppy to your family before placing.

Puppies are offered to families with standing deposits in the order their deposits were received. Unlike other breeders, we do not “tie you down” to a specific litter. You will be offered a puppy in each litter born, in the correct order, until you have chosen. You may be surprised how often a family who’s heart was set on “a large merle male” may actually choose “the little black girl” because that’s the puppy that connected with them! I want you to have this freedom and not fear losing your place in line if a puppy from your desired litter does not stand out to you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a preference ahead of time!

1. Smith family
2. Jones family
3. Shan family
4. McKinney family
5. Allen family

If Smith, Jones & Mckinney choose a puppy from “Litter A” but the Shan & Allen families chooses to wait, Shan will be bumped up to the #1 placement and the Allen family will become #2 for “Litter B” and so on.

Please visit our Choosing a Puppy page for more information on our allocation process or our Puppies page to read about how your puppy will be raised here at Oregon Bordoodles!

Please contact us if you have any questions.