In the growing world of designer dogs, standing apart from the rest is cruical. There are many ways we have chosen to do this. We  want a large enough gene pool to work within that we can produce something unique, rare and outstanding. Yet, our first love and passion is forming and supporting close dog-people bonds.

To support both our dog-people bond and create a large enough gene pool, we have created a guardianship program. My family owns two dogs that are raised alongside us as family members. We carefully select other dogs (some produced by us, others purchased from breeders) to raise and then place in a guardian home. This way, all dogs in our program form that important family relationship.

You can view our males and females and read about each one’s individual traits and accomplishments that make them uniquely valuable to bettering our Oregon Bordoodles puppies. See our puppies page to see our most current litter(s). All Grown Up is a page that shows some examples of puppies and what they look like when grown up. Interested in getting a puppy? Visit our Puppy Application page.