We have been feeding Life’s Abundance for several years now. It’s an excellent foundation diet offered by a very people oriented and loving company. A company that values their employees and the environment as well as high end ingredients for their food and treats.

Although their diet variety is much more limited than PawTree, what they do have is superb quality and many of my dogs love it. Their feeding requirements are a bit higher than PawTree’s foods so while it looks more cost effective than PawTree, in the long run I do feel they work out about the same.

Here is a quick video where you can learn a little more about Life’s Abundance:

Because I am such a fan of Life’s Abundance dog food and other products, I have become an Independent  Field Representative for them. When you purchase food from them using a link from our website, we receive a commission.

~Danielle Manire
Life’s Abundance
Independent Field Representative