As professional trainers, we are committed to raising each of our puppies with the highest standards possible. Our dogs have grown up to be service dogs, therapy dogs, and as beloved family pets. We are dedicated to ensuring that each family has the right dog for the needs of their family.

Our goal is to have a healthy Mama and puppies from the time of conception. Our mothers and the spaces that they live in are taken care of with non-toxic products and supplements. From the moment they are born each puppy is cared for with love and with these same wellness system supporting products.

We utilize the very best from oils, to supplements, to the cleaners we use to clean their environment. We believe that these tools combined with the world renowned Puppy Culture method creates the crucial foundation your puppy needs to succeed.

If you are interested in using essential oils with your dog, please read through this guide to learn more about why and how to use essential oils, our favorites and recommended dilutions and carrier oils.