Oregon Bordoodles Puppy Packet

We want every puppy to have the smoothest transition possible into their new home. To help make it easier for our beloved puppies and their new families, we send each one home with an Oregon Bordoodles Puppy Pack. Your new little one will go home with a selection of items we know are the most fun, helpful and important. We are confident you’ll enjoy them!

Our Oregon Bordoodles Puppy Pack comes in a drawstring backpack you’re sure to use again and again for all your dog’s gear on your beach trips, hiking, vacations or daycare/boarding!

We send home a few quality toys as well as small sample bags of our food, supplements etc.

You will have a folder with the important documents like the Sales Contract, training information, medical record, microchip owner registration, etc.

Here is the example version of our custom Puppy Packet that we will email to you when you are on our deposit list, and getting ready for your puppy!

We’re also excited to announce that all of our puppies go home with a genuine Snuggle Puppy. This is a durable, plush puppy designed with a shape that puppies can lay on. It has a beating heart and warming pack to help your little one feel less alone during this transition time and has proven to greatly reduce the stress of crate training! Lastly, we send you home with a miniature blanket that was cut from one of the litters “whelping box pads”. This is a blanket they’ve slept on since birth and even after washing, it contains smells “of home and family” along with a texture they’re familiar with. It might not be big and fancy, but to your puppy, it’s everything–and is sure to help their crate or bed feel safer and cozier.

Lastly, a custom collar. We understand that it’s important for your puppy to have a collar right away for safety reasons! We also know it can be confusing standing in front of an entire aisle of collars and wondering what size your puppy will need at 8 weeks, that he/she won’t outgrow within a week’s time. So, we send your puppy home with a custom collar! When he/she does outgrow the collar, it will be a fun memento for you!

And remember, we are always here for our extended families if you have any questions. We always love hearing from you and appreciate updates!