There are so many ways to train a dog! There are literally thousands of books and programs, so it can feel very overwhelming. I hope to simplify this for you by recommending some programs and books that I find to be the best and are backed with science and experience!

Let’s start at the very beginning.

 DVD or VOD:

Puppy Culture – The Powerful First 12 Weeks

We strongly recommend that you purchase this DVD or VOD (video on demand) series before your puppy comes home or even before your puppy is even born!

What I will be doing with your puppy from birth to 9 weeks of age is quite difficult to explain and “catch you up on” without you watching it yourself. I will be laying the foundation for your puppy. If you don’t know/understand the details of that foundation, you’re going to have a very difficult time building off of it. I strongly encourage you to purchase Puppy Culture – The Powerful First 12 Weeks and follow along with us as we raise your puppy. It would be best to watch the entire video collection prior to your puppy being born, and then revisit each weekly section as your puppy ages here.

I cannot say enough about the amazing information and science behind “Puppy Culture”. I do not make any money whatsoever by your purchase of the series. I am an advocate because I truly feel the majority of lessons/information in it, is the only way to responsibly raise a puppy. And it begins with me since I have your puppy for the majority of their “critical period” where they are most easily molded and influenced. As I mentioned, the foundation laid will be built upon for your puppy’s entire life. So understanding that foundation is crucial for you!



What if there were a way to actually have your puppy/dog perform better in distracting situations? What if you could take all the distractions in the world and turn them into fuel for attention from your puppy/dog? Well, this video will show you how to do it. In this two episode series, we show you how to teach your puppies (or adult dogs) that distractions are cues for attention – the results will astound you!



Honestly, every puppy/dog owner needs to read this book! It will give you huge insight into understanding your dog’s quirks and how to work WITH your dog and not against him/her. It will help you avoid and eliminate very typical behaviors that can make training difficult. You need this!


Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog

This book is not only for aggressive dogs, despite the title. Bordoodles are an active breed. They’re also friendly and very aware of their surroundings. This book can help you teach your dog (and you) how to turn the chaos around you into a trigger for your dog to be calm. How amazing is that!?


The Focused Puppy: A Training System For Raising a Great Companion & Performance Dog

A new puppy means a major time commitment, not only in how much time you have to spend with him, but in being sure to do all the right things at the right moments. This book integrates the authors’ FOCUS (Fun, Obedience, Consistency, Unbelievable Success) Training System techniques with the developmental stages and specific needs of pups and young dogs. The goal is to help you prepare your puppy to become an excellent companion.


Good Dog! Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behavior and Training

Children need to learn to play safely with dogs in their family and in the community. Written by children for children, Good Dog! teaches children to read a dog’s body language and use this knowledge to be kind, respectful, and safe around dogs. It also builds children’s confidence by teaching them how to train dogs with positive reinforcement—and to have fun doing it. The positive, non-punitive training methods are endorsed by professional dog trainers and child-safety experts.


Clicker Basics for Dogs & Puppies

It’s a lot to manage—the clicker, the treats, the toy, the leash, never mind the dog. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what the instructor said about reinforcing recalls, what to do if your dog gets up during a “sit-stay,” or what to practice over the coming week.

Carolyn Barney’s book is written just for you, supplementing what you learn in class with a quick overview of the theory behind clicker training and a series of homework progressions for basic behaviors.


Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook

This beautiful book includes 1000 photographs of dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes, illustrating a wide range of canine behavior. The photo contributions come from all over the world and include the work of Monty Sloan, staff photographer at Wolf Park in Indiana.

Canine Behavior is structured in many user-friendly ways, including alphabetical organization of the terminology, cross referencing, and both a detailed table of contents and index. The book will help pet owners understand their dogs’ behavior and add depth to the knowledge of trainers and behaviorists alike.