Aside from Life’s Abundance dog food and your Nuvet Plus supplement, this is the third component of crucial things to take care of prior to picking up your new puppy!

We require you activate your Free 30 day Pet insurance plan prior to picking up your Oregon Bordoodle! You may cancel after the 30 days if you wish.

Trupanion offers thorough, easy-to-understand pet insurance. For non-California families, I have gotten you a code to use to get free coverage for 30 days. This is *required* by us before you take your puppy home! They cover 90% of anything not considered “wellness” care. This includes but isn’t limited to: parvo, broken bone, hit by car, illness, disease, any trauma or injury and more! This does not include vet well check exam, vaccines, deworming etc.

Due to the law in California of “no free insurance”, they have developed a special offer for our California families, that compensates you to something equal to the free 30 days.

NOTE: I receive no financial compensation whatsoever by my families using Trupanion. But I do have peace of mind ♡

Why am I passionate about this?

Having bred dogs for 10 years now (Bordoodles for 5 years as of April 2019), I have seen my fair share of accidents. I’ve had two puppies get broken legs within 30 days of going home. Both were total freak accidents that could have happened to anyone. It was emotional for me hearing about the puppy’s trauma and added even more pain hearing of the family’s sudden huge and unexpected vet bills to care for their brand new baby! Another family lived near a river and an Eagle dropped a Salmon in their yard. The puppy went out the doggie door to go potty and ate some salmon. It costed them $11,000 total and 7 weeks of hospitalization. She lived! But they are still paying off the bill to this day and it absolutely breaks my heart. Lastly, we have had not one, not two, but three families have to pay for surgery within 60 days of getting their puppy because their puppy did as puppies do… and ate something naughty. One was a rock and the other two were both socks. Exploratory surgery and blockage removal is expensive.

With all of these situations, Trupanion would have covered 90% had they had the coverage.

Parvo can happen to any breeder. Even the best, cleanest and most wonderful of breeders. I’m so grateful it has never come into my kennel but I would be foolish to think it could never happen. A very good friend and mentor of mine has gone through parvo twice. Both times, it wasn’t discovered until after puppies went home. Suddenly puppies were vomiting and had diarrhea and she was getting one call after another from these families with parvo positive puppies. Thankfully, she required Trupanion. So these families were able to get top-notch hospitalization and support/care for their puppies. Every single puppy lived! The lowest bill was $2100 and highest was $7000. If these families were paying out of pocket, most would have had to cut corners and make very painful decisions simply because of monetary reasons.

So as you can see, taking a few minutes to sign your puppy up for his/her Free 30 days of care, is worth it! In my opinion, life-long insurance through Trupanion is a no-brainer. Horrible things happen every day to pet families. My dog Summit climbed up a tree and broke his shoulder jumping down when he was 6 years old. Our other dog Kylie was attacked by a German Shepherd when she was 4 years old and it costed us a 2-year payment plan! We didn’t have pet insurance. With Trupanion, having your puppy signed up the day it leaves the breeder, will lock you into a lower price plan for the life of your dog.

Below, you can find the documents that have your code to sign up! You must make the activation date for the day your puppy leaves me, whether that is in-person pick up, ship date or leaving for Board and Train with one of my trainers.

Overview of the Certificate for buyers outside of New York and Florida:

  • 30 days of coverage with no upfront payments
  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived
  • $250 deductible, 90% coverage, and no payout limits
  • Coverage for new unexpected injuries or illnesses (more information about Trupanion online)

(offer/coupon code: BR1OB41219)

30-Day Exam Offer:
For anyone getting an adult dog (NOT FOR PUPPIES)

  • 30 days of coverage with no obligation
  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived

Overview for New York Buyers:

  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived
  • Ability to choose policy options from the start, enrollment required
  • Seamless coverage: No need for buyers to remember to convert their offer as they’re enrolling from day one

(offer/coupon code: BR2OB41219)

Overview for Florida Buyers:

  • 50% coverage with NO deductible, no payout limits
  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived
  • 30 days of coverage with no upfront payment

(offer/coupon code: BR3OB41219)

Be sure to provide your Florida buyers with the pet’s vet records. This will help us create a Coverage Summary if they enroll. Fees apply.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy at