Puppy Application

We are so blessed that you’re considering us to be the breeders your next family companion! A well bred dog will live alongside your family for a very long time! A predictable and balanced temperament, paired with intelligence and loyalty, are traits worth investing in. I’m sure you’ve discovered through your research that when your heart is set on a breed such as a Bordoodle, and there aren’t many exceptional breeders out there. There are many “pop up” breeders that are putting Border Collies and Poodles together–but it takes so much more to create a truly exceptional and predictable Bordoodle. We look forward to exceeding your expectations as we come alongside you on this journey of choosing the perfect puppy for your family.

We carefully review applications to be sure we’re doing all we can to ensure a good placement for our puppies. Each puppy is very special to us and a forever family is our top priority.

An Oregon Bordoodle puppy is $3,000. A deposit can be placed via Zelle or check after your application has been approved. Deposits are $300 and promise you a place in line to choose a puppy. Puppies are offered in the order deposits are received. You will be offered a puppy from each litter born when we get to your name, until your puppy has been chosen by you. Deposits are non-refundable.

We will occasionally place a dog selected for breeding into a guardian home. If you are interested in being a guardian, please review our Guardian Home information.


Accepting Applications NOW

To view how deposits are applied towards specific puppies and how selections work, you can visit the Deposit System Page.

Puppy Application
Please type carefully and double-check your email address!
Our Bordoodle puppies are $3,000 and a $300 deposit will be required to be added to our waitlist. There is NO money due at this time. An opportunity to place a deposit will be offered after your application is approved, and after all of your questions have been answered during our phone call. *

Speaking with you and answering your questions is very important to me! We generally return calls and inquires three times weekly and appreciate your patience and understanding as we prioritize our dogs, puppies and family. If you don’t hear back soon or have an urgent question, please call me at 503-716-2612. Thank you!