Due to Covid-19, all gatherings and puppy parties have been cancelled.

Puppy pick-ups are still planned and will be done in accordance will all CDC social distancing protocols in place.

Puppy Parties

puppy party is designed to allow visitors to help us socialize our puppies with a variety of people, sounds and smells! It’s open to everyone over the age of 8 (exceptions can be made so please contact me if you have a younger child you would like to bring).

All guidelines and protocols outlined on our Visiting Oregon Bordoodles page must be followed. Please read everything on this link over carefully before visiting!

What can you expect at a puppy party?

  • You will meet, snuggle and play with at least one litter of puppies
    (May be indoors or outdoors depending on weather)
  • You will meet me/my family
  • You will get to ask me questions and learn more about our goals and passion in our breeding program

A few notes about Puppy Parties:

  • If, after our party, you would like to place a deposit for a future puppy, please email us and let us know. We are busy saying goodbye to guests and tending to puppies–and unfortunately cannot process a deposit at that time. (An application must be approved prior to deposit.)
  • Please, please remember that we are always training our dogs! If you see a dog in a crate or x pen, please do not talk to or pet the dog. Confinement is a quiet, low stimulating place.

Upcoming Puppy Parties:

All Puppy Parties are cancelled until further notice. Please check back. 

If you would like to attend a puppy party, please fill out this form:
(Note, please don’t forget to read the page on Visiting Oregon Bordoodles prior to filling out this form!)

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