Do you ship puppies?

We do not ship puppies via Cargo. You can

  • Fly in to pick up your puppy and fly home with your puppy under your seat. You can either pick your puppy up from our home or hire our transporter to drive your puppy to meet you at PDX airport.
  • Hire a flight nanny to fly your puppy to you. This ranges from $350 all the way up to $800 depending on location, time of ear and timeline.
  • Drive to pick up your puppy and drive home with your puppy. If the drive is longer than one night, we prefer you fly.
Do the puppies come with anything?

Please see our Bordoodles packet!

Do you send dogs to Canada?

We have many Oregon Bordoodles in Canada! There are various ways to do this. We do not ship “Cargo”. You can:

  • Drive your puppy over the border
  • Fly your puppy in the cabin (with you)
  • Pay a company such as Dog Gone Taxi to get your puppy over the border (they specialize in this and we have worked with them before)
  • Pay a “Flight Nanny” to fly your puppy to your nearest airport with them in the cabin