In November, 2014 after losing a border collie mix rescue dog, we were looking to replace her with another dog. Looking for a low to no-shedding dog, we didn’t think it was possible to have another border collie. After searching for awhile, we found a breeder of Bordoodles, which seemed the best of all worlds. What made it better, was that there was a pregnant mom, due to deliver the end of January or beginning of February, 2015. After talking with Danielle, we put our name on the waiting list of families. February 1, 2015, the litter arrived. (Super Bowl Sunday). Pictures were posted fairly quickly so that alll of the families could watch them grow!! Each week reports on developmental milestones were shared. We became more and more excited about which one would be ‘our pick’. We started our wanting a girl but we were 6th in line to choose and there were only 3 girls in the litter. We loved being able to get to know the boys too as there might have been only boys left when it was our turn!! As our turn approached, Danielle told us about the ‘smallest puppy’ of the litter  who had been so tiny, they didn’t know if she would make it. Danielle and Christine had to make sure she had a turn at feeding times so that she could grow and thrive along with her siblings. Danielle said that because of this girl’s tiny stature and delicate nature, they would LIKE it if she would not go to a home with rowdy kids. Since we have only one older dog at home, our choice was made.

We live 9 hours away. Our choice of our puppy was completely through the internet. Fortunately, we were in the area a week or two after making our choice and could meet our puppy a couple of weeks before bringing her home. We got to see the whole litter and enjoy them as a litter before driving home with our girl. What a fabulous litter they were. Not a bad puppy in the bunch!! We were in love immediately. These puppies begin their lives in Christine’s home along with the day-to-day happenings of her family. I loved that Christine’s daughter stepped through the puppy pile, petting a couple along the way to get somethig from the opposite side of the room. These puppies were so happy and content. When we saw them next, it was when we went to pick up our puppy. This time we went to Danielle’s home and the were all outside running around, so playful and happy… ready to face their new adventures!   Our Emmy went through the normal adjustments of leaving her litter and being a part of our family and extended family. She has done beautifully. Danielle was available for questions we had and gave very sound advice. Emmy isn’t our first puppy but each is different and requires different attention. Our tiny girl has grown into a very smart, happy, independent and confident “older” puppy. She loves people and other animals that she encounters and is a much welcome addition to our family pack! I attribute this to her wonderful, caring and loving beginnings at Oregon Bordoodles!!   Thank you Danielle and Christine… Summit & Daisy!