We met our breeder, Danielle, and saw available Bordoodle puppies at her home. The puppies were happy and at play in their warm and loving farm environment. We picked our female, red merle pup and named her Daisy. Danielle asked us if we were interested in being guardian parents since Daisy was her “top choice” of that litter. We voluntarily accepted the role and have called Danielle often when we’ve had questions or concerns about Daisy, her development or health. Danielle has provided us with excellent technical and emotional support as Daisy has grown. We love our year and half year old Bordoodle. Daisy is extremely cheerful, freindly and smart. She enjoys all ages of people, especially children. She is low shedding and rarely barks. As a very active dog, she requires consistent and lively exercise and play. Daisy is a great addition to our family and we love her dearly!