Two years ago we lost our amazing dog Bandit who was a Border Collie mix.  For several months we had been searching online for the right dog. We were just about to give up when we happened upon the Oregon Bordoodles website. This site was the most impressive and informative one we had visited in our extensive search. A puppy had just become available that day so we contacted the breeder immediately. After speaking to Danielle her professionalism left us with had no doubts we were making the right decision. So that is how “Ruffle” Wilson came in to our lives. He is a wonderful dog and just what the doctor ordered to fill that hole in our hearts. Wilson is so sweet, so smart and soooo loved!! We are fascinated by his ever changing colors and get many compliments about his markings. It will be interesting to see how he looks in a year. Thank you, Danielle you are truly a beautiful person and definitely a quality breeder. We appreciate your ethics, commitment and dedication to breeding happy and healthy dogs like Wilson.