Tell me about their grooming needs.

Around 10-11 weeks of age is a good time to bring your puppy into the groomer for a short visit. Possibly a bath and brush-out, with no dryer. Or just a brush out, if your puppy is particularly weary. About 3 weeks later, do that again, but add 2-5 mins of blow-dryer time with lots of treats. Pick your puppy up soon, or even stay there for the visit. Slowly build up about every 3 weeks until your puppy can tolerate a full groom which includes bath, blow dry, nails, hair trim and brush out. Once puppy is confident with a full groom, you can move to every 6-8 weeks. Please see our Grooming page for further details!

How can I begin preparing for my puppy before he/she comes home?

Once you have said “Yes” to a specific litter, we will begin sending a series of emails to help you prepare for your upcoming arrival. This will go into detail about nutrition, training, vet care and more. If you’re wanting something to invest in right now, Purchase Puppy Culture! The information, training, advice and more that Puppy Culture has to offer is incredible. Purchase their “Puppy Culture – The Film” set for $69.95 from their website. Follow along with us for the first 9 weeks while we raise your puppy and then continue our hard work by using the PC films for guidance. Their “When Pigs Fly” book is also incredibly helpful for continued training! Another favorite book I strongly recommend is called “Mine” and can be found HERE.

Another place to get a head start is Baxter and Bella. Using code OregonBordoodles will give you 25% off instantly. This is an incredible online Puppy Training program complete with professional, surprisingly detailed videos as well as one-on-one help with your specific puppy. Over 75% of our puppy families enroll in Baxter and Bella and sing their praises all the time! With Puppy Culture and Baxter and Bella in your back pocket, you’ll have a huge advantage to training your puppy the right way, from the start!