Are your upcoming litters all Reserved?

All of our puppies expected for 2021 and some of 2022 are already RESERVED. We do not take deposits for specific litters. Every family that has placed a deposit goes onto one Master List. When a litter is born, we start with the oldest deposit family first, and offer them a position in the litter. If they accept, they are moved to that litter’s list. If they pass for any reason (not a size or generation they prefer, bad timing etc) then we move to the next person on the list. We continue offering positions in each litter born, starting from the top of the list and working our way down. If a female had 8 puppies, we will work down our Master List until 6-7 people have tentatively said “Yes” to the litter. This means they like the size of the pairing, the generation, see colors/genders they like and the Go-Home date works with their schedule. We leave 1-2 spots “unreserved” until the litter is older and we have had an opportunity to decide if we ourselves will be holding anything back in the litter. Once the puppies are around 7 weeks old and we have completed our temperament evaluations, we will begin with Family 1 that said yes to the litter, and help them select a puppy. If at any point a family decides they are no longer interested in the litter, they are moved back to the Master List where they originally were, not loosing their place in line. This allows our families flexibility. Rather than promising themselves to a litter that doesn’t even exist yet, they have the freedom to pass or accept each litter born, as we offer/get to their name. The pros of this method are clear. The cons of this method are: it’s a lot of work for me and it makes quoting the timing for getting a puppy difficult. However, both are worth it in the long run as ultimately, success for our families and puppies is our top priority. This method keeps things very fair and flexible for our families. More on how our Deposit List works can be found here.