Bordoodles are not recognized as an actual breed yet, and are still considered a “hybrid” therefor, they cannot be registered. However, each puppy has a pedigree that goes back at least four generations that can be provided to you! Our Bordoodles ALWAYS come from purebred, registered dogs. Many doodles are registered with what you may know as the “CKC”. The Continental Kennel Club is an unreliable company, at best. Any breeder can register their dog or puppies with this company and the company will “take their word for it” on who the parents were and what breed(s) are involved. This is not a company I am comfortable supplying money to as they have virtually no credibility. I am working closely with a few reputable Breeders of Bordoodles to create a “Standard” for the breed and thus, a reputable and traceable registration process. Until then, there is no such thing as a “registered Bordoodle.”