Proper medical care is extremely important to us. We don’t use cheap Farm store medications but instead always use Veterinary supplies.

Puppies are dewormed with a gentle, liquid wormer for roundworm several times during their 8 weeks with us. Nearly all puppies are born with roundworm, regardless of proper care for the females before, during and after breeding.

Our puppies are always flea and earmite free. We never use harsh flea shampoos or powders. If a puppy were to contact fleas (during a trip to the vet or from an outside visitor bringing them in by accident) we apply Revolution topically. Our adults are treated year round to always keep a flea free home.

It has been scientifically proven that vaccinating a puppy before 8 weeks is not only unsafe, but is also not helpful. A puppy gets antibodies through mother’s milk and before 8 weeks, those antibodies will actually reject a vaccine. Because of this research, we do not vaccinate a puppy until it is 8 weeks. We vaccinate for canine distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus. Each puppy will go home with a medical form stating when he/she was born, was dewormed and what product was used, and vaccination details. There is also the information on what to do next, making it very easy for you! Exactly what is needed and when, to help start a plan between you and your veterinarian.

We will send your puppy home with Medical records, microchip information etc!