“Hypoallergenic” is a sales ploy word that many breeders use. A reputable breeder is unlikely to use such a term. That said, there are absolutely coat types that generally do not aggravate people with allergies to dogs. This does depend on what the person is allergic to. If a person is allergic to canine saliva, there is nothing we can do to help this. If the person is allergic to the hair and dander, there absolutely are genetic ales responsible for this. We do DNA testing on all of our breeding dogs to gain more insight about their specific genetic makeup. This allows us to select our pairings carefully and to be able to educate our families on which pairings will be most likely to produce puppies with allergy friendly coats. Despite basic information, this is simply not a “only get an F1b” answer. Actually, there are multiple generations of Bordoodles that can produce allergy friendly coats including but not limited to F1b, F2/F2b, multigenerational and even some rare F1 pairings. So you are not limited to only one generation if a non shedding, allergy friendly coat is your need.