Are Bordoodles good with other dogs?

A well bred and loved puppy should not have any trauma or experiences that will cause it to be a poor companion to another dog. The temperament of the “other dog” will be an important detail we will discuss with you when helping you select which puppy is right for your family.

How can I begin preparing for my puppy before he/she comes home?

Once you have said “Yes” to a specific litter, we will begin sending a series of emails to help you prepare for your upcoming arrival. This will go into detail about nutrition, training, vet care and more. If you’re wanting something to invest in right now, Purchase Puppy Culture! The information, training, advice and more that Puppy Culture has to offer is incredible. Purchase their “Puppy Culture – The Film” set for $69.95 from their website. Follow along with us for the first 9 weeks while we raise your puppy and then continue our hard work by using the PC films for guidance. Their “When Pigs Fly” book is also incredibly helpful for continued training! Another favorite book I strongly recommend is called “Mine” and can be found HERE.

Another place to get a head start is Baxter and Bella. Using code OregonBordoodles will give you 25% off instantly. This is an incredible online Puppy Training program complete with professional, surprisingly detailed videos as well as one-on-one help with your specific puppy. Over 75% of our puppy families enroll in Baxter and Bella and sing their praises all the time! With Puppy Culture and Baxter and Bella in your back pocket, you’ll have a huge advantage to training your puppy the right way, from the start!

Are Bordoodles good with children?

Are your children good with Bordoodles? Our puppies are properly exposed to children of various ages that understand how to respect a dog. The puppies receive proper child socialization to give them the best start possible at enjoying, respecting, adoring and having a good experience with kids. Many of our Bordoodles are in permanent families with children of all ages.To help the transition go smoothly for your children and your puppy, we suggest you follow Puppy Culture and Baxter and Bella protocols.Puppy CultureBaxter and Bella (OREGONBORDOODLES for 25% off)

Are Bordoodles registered?

Bordoodles are not recognized as an actual breed yet, and are still considered a “hybrid” therefor, they cannot be registered. However, each puppy has a pedigree that goes back at least four generations that can be provided to you! Our Bordoodles ALWAYS come from purebred, registered dogs. Many doodles are registered with what you may know as the “CKC”. The Continental Kennel Club is an unreliable company, at best. Any breeder can register their dog or puppies with this company and the company will “take their word for it” on who the parents were and what breed(s) are involved. This is not a company I am comfortable supplying money to as they have virtually no credibility. I am working closely with a few reputable Breeders of Bordoodles to create a “Standard” for the breed and thus, a reputable and traceable registration process. Until then, there is no such thing as a “registered Bordoodle.”

What will my Bordoodle look like?

Every Bordoodle is a little different depending on the genetics of the parents! On average; F1s are wavy to wavy/curly (aka “Fleece coat”) F1bs are wavy/curly to curly (aka “Wool coat’) and F2bs are generally a step between the two. More curly than Fleece coat but less so than a Wool coat.

You can see what they look like as adults on our “All grown up” page.

Is a Bordoodle hypoallergenic?

“Hypoallergenic” is a sales ploy word that many breeders use. A reputable breeder is unlikely to use such a term. That said, there are absolutely coat types that generally do not aggravate people with allergies to dogs. This does depend on what the person is allergic to. If a person is allergic to canine saliva, there is nothing we can do to help this. If the person is allergic to the hair and dander, there absolutely are genetic ales responsible for this. We do DNA testing on all of our breeding dogs to gain more insight about their specific genetic makeup. This allows us to select our pairings carefully and to be able to educate our families on which pairings will be most likely to produce puppies with allergy friendly coats. Despite basic information, this is simply not a “only get an F1b” answer. Actually, there are multiple generations of Bordoodles that can produce allergy friendly coats including but not limited to F1b, F2/F2b, multigenerational and even some rare F1 pairings. So you are not limited to only one generation if a non shedding, allergy friendly coat is your need.

What generation of Bordoodles do you produce?

F1 (purebred Border Collie x purebred Poodle)

F1b (F1 Bordoodle x Poodle or Border Collie)

F2/F2b (F1 Bordoodle x F1b Bordoodle)

Multigenerational aka “Multigen” (F2/F2b Bordoodle x F1b Bordoodle)

Do you send dogs to Canada?

We have many Oregon Bordoodles in Canada! There are various ways to do this. We do not ship “Cargo”. You can:

  • Drive your puppy over the border
  • Fly your puppy in the cabin (with you)
  • Pay a company such as Dog Gone Taxi to get your puppy over the border (they specialize in this and we have worked with them before)
  • Pay a “Flight Nanny” to fly your puppy to your nearest airport with them in the cabin