Thank you for viewing our website!

We have worked hard to create a website where it’s easy to find answers to most of your questions, and to show you the large variety of Bordoodles we produce here.

There are only a small handful of Bordoodle breeders in the U.S and an even smaller handful of reputable ones. It is so important that you choose your breeder carefully, as the decisions they have made in their practices will greatly determine the next 12+ years you will spend with your family companion. So, why choose Oregon Bordoodles?

We Love Our Dogs!

The first answer is simple. We love our dogs! We love our dogs in the truest aspect of the word. If you truly love dogs you will only make decisions that are in their best interest. Perhaps that means spaying a dog we have invested thousands of dollars into as a potential breeder, simply because her hip scores were not as high as we had hoped. You see, we could probably “get away with” breeding her anyway, and it’s unlikely any of her puppies would have had hip problems, but is it worth it? Not to us. We want to do all things possible to produce dogs that can live life to the fullest, with no genetic ailments standing in their way.

Loving dogs means telling a potential buyer that the puppy they’ve chosen may in fact not be the right puppy for them. Perhaps this particular puppy is more rambunctious than the rest and the person interested in the puppy is an elderly couple who are needing a dog more on the mellow side. Breaking the news to this owner will create some sadness and will likely mean us spending money to advertise said puppy, and spend countless time interviewing families until we find the right fit. I want my dogs and my buyers to have success and to have a peaceful match of lifestyles.

Every One of Our Dogs Live as Family Members

The second thing about us that stands apart from many is our guardianship program. I don’t care what someone says, there is not enough time in the day to spend individual, quality time with your dog if you have too many. They may be happy living in a pack, that is often true! But I do not want to breed a “pack dog”. I want to breed a dog that I know everything about because they live their every moment at my feet. Because of this, we place our breeding dogs into Guardian homes. The only dog that lives in our home currently, is our Border Collie Summit. We need to have a large enough breeding pool that we can be very particular on the pairs that we put together to produce dogs. The only way that we can do that is by having a number of dogs. With our dogs living in Guardian homes they are able to be loved on, sleep at the foot of the bed and their owner knows all the ins and outs of that dog’s personality. They are able to relay all this information to us and when they visit we can see the dog more clearly. This gives us a great advantage in predicting the type of personality each puppy will have.


Another thing that we take great pride in is our transparency. You can look through our website and see all of the information on each one of our dogs. We post all of our genetic testing, as well as registration and pedigree publicly. And, if you have any questions regarding anything about our dogs you are always welcome to ask! It is crucial to us that we remain always honest and upfront with our potential owners.

We Are Always Here for Our Extended Family

The last thing about us that we hear compliments on repeatedly is our communication level. Adding a dog to your family is a big deal! It is likely that even after thoroughly reviewing our website you will have unanswered questions and would like to hear from us! Being honest with you is very important to me. I promise to answer all of your questions to the best of my knowledge, even if that means losing you as a potential buyer.

I’m not about to tell anyone that these are perfect dogs. Although I believe that this is the greatest combination of canine breeds in existence and I absolutely love them, I will not tell you that they are perfect for everyone! No matter how long I have been breeding dogs I have been unable to breed the dog out of the dog. 🙂 No dog is perfect and they all have quirks. I would consider Bordoodles, Border Collies and Poodles to be the most trainable dogs that I have known. But to tell you that this dog will never cause a headache in your life would be a lie! As you discover your dog’s unique quirks we are here to help guide you and how to turn their quirks into good behavior.

Which leads me to my last note. I spend a great deal of time communicating with our buyers not only before they bring their puppy home–but most importantly, after they bring their puppy home. We answer our phone for any training questions, health concerns, advice, veterinary questions, etc. We simply do not give you a puppy and then move forward. That puppy was born here and will always remain a valuable and important part of my life. I may have only spent eight weeks with your dog–but it will put a print on my heart forever. I want to hear from you!